Special Event Cleaning 

We at Vestra Solutions LLC understand that major life changes often bring about a need for special event. Regardless of the event, Vestra Solutions is ready to fulfill your specific cleaning requests so you can focus on other, more important preparations tasks for your special event.

Whether you’re the event host or a venue owner, special events come with a lot of added responsibilities and pressure to make sure everything goes smoothly. No matter the event, Vestra Solutions can take care of your pre/post event cleaning. The last thing you want to be doing later that night or first thing the next day is to clean up all the mess that was made by your event. Why not scratch cleanup off your list and hire the professionals to do that part for you?

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We provide cleaning services for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, and so much more!

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We are focused on your Priorities 

We want to be your behind-the-scenes cleanup team and take some of the responsibility off your plate to help make every special day go off without a hitch.

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